To begin preparing, get your  3×5 index cards, or pre-printed tags (see below)a red ink pen (if you are going to place a capital RED R” for item to be returned to you) and black ink pen. Start by grouping your clothes in SIZE order. Put a  capital RED R”, if item is desired back, in the upper left corner, size of item in the upper right hand corner(NO NEED TO PUT LADIES), if appropriate, and a description if item in the middle of card. Affix your barcode label to the bottom of the card and place a small piece of clear tape across label. See illustration below. (this is an example only-no kids clothing allowed)

*Choose one of the below options – A, B, or C for creating your  tags, on which you will later affix your barcode labels.  Do not change the size or shape of these tags, they should be no larger or smaller than a 3 X 5 index card!

A) Index Cards – HANDWRITE on a 3″ x 5″ (ONLY) index card in vertical orientation See above illustration.  *You do not have to write Size/Description on tag,  just put info. where it belongs.

B) Tag Template – Enter size/desc. info and print on 8.5″ x 11″card stock (6 per page)

C) Tag Template – Print on 8.5″ X 11″ card stock for HAND WRITTEN tags

Need barcodes? Wednesday, April 4 ~ 10am-4pm; Tuesday, April 10 ~ 1pm-4pm; Thursday, April 12 ~ 10am-1pm, Saturday, April 14 ~ 11am-2pm, Saturday, April 21 ~ 9am-2pm and Monday, April 23 ~ 10am-2pm and 4pm-8pm.


Only ONE tag with a barcode label for each item sold.  DO NOT put a barcode label on an item separate from tag.   Also, put a piece of masking tape/sticky label with consignor # only (separate from tag) inside of your garments and shoes.  This is for your protection should an item lose a tag.

Item sizes are written in upper right corner of tag.  Label clothing items with its specific NUMBER size, indicated in the chart below.  If the vendor tag reads S (small), M (medium), L (large), or XL (extra-large), please use the following to appropriately size your clothing.  XS is 0-2, S is 4-6, M is 8-10, L is 12-14, XL is 16-18, 1XL 16W-18W, 2XL is 20W-22W and 3XL is 24W-26W. If your garment is Petite, please put a “P” in front of the size such as P2 or P12.


SO IMPORTANT ~ Please DO NOT over price your clothing items!  Our shoppers are smart.  Just like you they are looking for a bargain and know you can buy many of these items NEW, on sale.  Check out your local ladies consignment shops and price accordingly. Price your item slightly UNDER what you may find at your local shops.  Price according to the BRAND. Prices in our area run about $6-$8 for shorts, depending on the brand; blouses are $7-$12, depending on the brand; pants/dresses are $15-$20 again depending on the BRAND! If over-priced, we reserve the right to pull these items or lower the sale price!!  Remember ~ A BIGGER check with fewer returned items is BEST!   *If donating your sale items, please allow them to be discounted the last day, April 30th.

No items priced below $1.00.  May price in 50¢ increments,  just nothing priced below $1 (i.e. $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, etc.).

Any sale items, WITHOUT a separate piece of tape with Consignor #, that loses a tag, will be donated to a charity and that Consignor cannot expect to receive credit for these items.

PLEASE HANG all clothing items on hangers,  DO NOT pin them to the hanger!

*For SECURITY reasons we recommend that items should have clear packing tape placed across barcode labels.  Do not place tape over safety pins ~ difficult to remove and may damage clothing!

To attach tags to clothing, use MEDIUM or LARGE safety pins only ~ NO SMALL safety pins (tags won’t stay attached) or straight pins (may hurt someone).  Attach tag to the left side (above your heart) of garment or to the inside label of garment (if fabric is delicate) with hook facing left ~ see above illustration.

IMPORTANT: If you want your unsold items RETURNED after the sale you MUST put a CAPITAL RED “R” in the upper left corner of your tag!  Any unsold merchandise without a RED “R” on the tag will automatically be donated to charity!

Use METAL 18 inch (wire) hangers or heavy plastic hangers on all articles of clothing.  With garment facing you, the hanger hook should curve to the left looking like a question mark (?).

Pants, shorts, and skirts should be opened up lengthwise and the FRONT of the pants/skirt should be facing you.


We realize that some of you may have “sets” and in this case, you can put the ‘”sets” in a zip bag with the card taped to the inside of the bag. If someone would like to see the “set” we will simply pull the bag out, open it and let them take a look. Also, you can put a jewelry piece in a small cardboard box and tape the index card to the bottom of the box. See below for another option! Any of these three ways will be acceptable!

  • PURSES – use a pin or zip tie to adhere your index card
  • WALLETS – place tag inside wallet
  • EARRINGS – gently punch through index card and hang earring
  • NECKLACE – use pin or zip tie to adhere your index card
  • BRACELETS – use pin or zip tie to adhere your index card
  • RINGS – use zip tie to adhere your index card
  • ANKLETS – use safety pin or zip tie to adhere your index card


**NOTE A CHANGE** We have decided that THE BEST WAY to ensure the tag WILL NOT come off the shoes is to ZIP TIE the tag on the shoe. Cut your index card in half, complete tag and then ZIP TIE the tag to the shoes by way of a strap or shoelace. IF YOU have NO strap, then go ahead and tape the tag to the bottom of the shoe USING PACKING tape. If you have already tagged your shoes, please do not fret ~ we will HELP you when you come in for receiving! You MUST place a piece of masking tape with your consignor # on the bottom of EACH shoe AND with a BLACK SHARPIE in the MIDDLE of EACH shoe, write the price. You all, this is a LEARNING process and we are making these changes FOR YOU!

*No time to tag your items? Email admin@take2event.com to take advantage of our tagging team!