Interested in shopping FIRST, before consignors, earning a higher percentage (up to 70%) on your sale items?  Be a part of our Take 2 Team of volunteers and sign up online for two 4hr. shifts to receive 70% of your sales! For those who just can’t work an eight hour shift, you may sign up for a four hour shift! You will receive 65%!

YOUR SPECIAL NIGHT TO SHOP is Wednesday, April 25!

 8 hour volunteers shop from 5PM-9PM

4 hour volunteers shop from 6PM-9PM


******  Volunteers, the schedule is OPEN and the deadline for signing up is Wednesday, April 18 at 10:00PM *******

If you miss the deadline you MUST call/text Jennifer at 334-524-0606 or email her at jennifer@take2event.com.


All volunteers MUST contribute 15 ladies items. Notice limits! If you have any questions, please text Jennifer at 334-524-0606 or email jennifer@take2event.com!

Clothing – no limits

Shoes – 6 pair

Jewelry – 10 items

Purses – 3

  • During receiving, when checking in at the computer, you MUST let the person “checking in” consigners know you are a Take 2 volunteer. As a worker, you must have your sale items received between 10am-2pm on April 24.
  • We will have a water cooler and snacks for you in our break room. There is a refrigerator and microwave if you need to bring something to eat or drink. PLEASE eat BEFORE you arrive for your shift!
  • What to wear? If you are working organizing and/or pick up & pay day,  dress comfortable! ******If you are working the preview sale or dates open to the public, please dress nice but comfortable.
Questions About Volunteering? Call/Text Jennifer at 334-524-0606 or email her at jennifer@take2event.com

MUST register for sale BEFORE signing up to volunteer!

(work shifts available)

 Click Here to view and signup for work schedules